About Real Work

Real Work is a legacy website dedicated to the exploration, examination, and explication of magic as a science and performance art. It creates, archives, and connects the dots between the Real Work and the Real World.

Jon Racherbaumer is a renowned magician, writer, teacher, lecturer, and author of over 60 books on magic and its allied arts. Based in New Orleans, Louisiana, he is a lifetime member of the famed Magic Castle of Hollywood, California, the International Brotherhood of Magicians and the Society of American Magicians. He is currently writes a column (“On the Slant”) in Richard Kaufman’s Genii magazine, was a columnist and contributing editor to Stan Allen’s Magic magazine for six years, was the Parade Editor for the Linking Ring for 15 years and contributing editor to M-U-M for several years. He has contributed scores of tricks and articles to various magazines: Genii, The New Tops, M-U-M, Linking Ring, The New Pentagram, Blue Print, Precursor, The Looking Glass, The Conjuror, and Apocalypse. He published independent magazines: The Hierophant, Kabbala, Avatar, Sticks & Stones, The Olram File, M.O. Facsimile, Swipe, and Marlophile. He is also a recipient of a Literary Fellowship from the Academy of Magical Arts and Sciences and the Milbourne Christopher Literary Award.